My Shark-Tank-Worthy Invention

Daily Prompt: Come up with a crazy business idea.

Today, I’m doing WordPress’s suggested prompt, because my mind is quite blank 🙂 And actually, my business idea is not all that crazy!

The Influencer Mirror

Ladies, have you ever watched a makeup tutorial, only to find that the person is looking sideways, away from the camera, into a mirror? And you can’t quite see what she’s doing?

Or worse yet, she’s blocking the entire thing with her hand because she’s looking into a mirror and has forgotten about the camera?

Well, I have a solution! The Influencer Mirror!

It’s a two-way mirror with a thingy in the back to hold your phone. Simply click your smartphone to the back, start your camera, and put on your makeup while looking into the mirror.

The viewers will be seeing exactly what YOU’RE seeing! Which will be you, carefully applying your makeup. Close-up, facing the front, not looking sideways or blocking the camera with your hand.

Look, I even drew a concept pic on Paint:

It’s good, right? 😁 You know, if I was gutsy I’d spend a bunch of money making prototypes then show up on Shark Tank! But I just don’t have it in me.

I wish good luck to whoever steals my idea and runs with it! Hehehe

Yari, the ✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


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