A Quick Look at my Fashion Evolution

I love fashion, and I always have. I’ve always had a good sense of what looks good, but not quite so much the talent to create outfits that look good for myself. But I’ve tried! I have tried…

Gothic Fashion

I loved the gothic look in the late 90’s, but I wasn’t allowed to dress gothic (or wear any makeup) in my teens. So as soon as I was out of the house and my own person, I tried the look! And yes, yes those are fake tattoo sleeves!😁

Decora Fashion

I wanted so badly to do Japanese decora in my early 20’s!! But this is as far as I got. I was never quite bold enough to put all of those hair clips and accessories on myself.

Colorful Hair

My hair has gone through some interesting changes as well… I like the orange and pink bangs, to be honest, but it was hard to maintain. The blonde made my hair too dry. I just keep it natural these days!

Whatever THIS Is

Is that my bra outside of my shirt??? You know what, let’s keep moving.

A More Simple Style

I started looking better once I started wearing my bra inside of my shirt 😅 Simple, matching colors look best on me. That was me in my 20’s, and today, I still love me a simple black/grey/white look:

I envy those people who just know their fashion style and have been doing the same style for decades. It has taken me longer than that to figure out what really feels like me. But, I suppose, everything did feel like me, at the time.

Take care and God bless!

Yari, the ✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


  1. Oh gosh, this is amazing!!! I very much enjoyed seeing your fashion evolution! I, too, loved the late ’90s gothic look! Decora is super cute, too! All the hair colors look great on you, from dyed to natural. I also enjoyed your great sense of humor in the post! 😋 And “everything did feel like me, at the time” – you nailed it!

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