The Devil’s Last Try to Get Me

You might have to be a Christian to believe me, or at least to think I’m not crazy. And it does sound a little strange, but I told myself I would be honest on this blog, and so I’m going to share this experience anyway.

Back when I was a new Christian, around 2018-19, I was really missing Doreen Virtue books.* She was the biggest-selling new age author at Hay House, and I adored her writing.

I thought, maybe I’ll get ONE book. I’m sure it won’t hurt. Yes, even though it was new age, and I was no longer part of that.

I bought a book about communicating with fairies.

Fairies, as in special creatures from nature that could whisper to you, give you advice, provide guidance and love and friendship and support (per the book). It was a LOVELY thought! I said to myself, I’ll be careful. I was a Christ-follower then, but I just really really missed Doreen, and maybe a bit of nature would be alright. God made everything, right?

I read some of the book. Something felt… off. I dunno, it felt sort of weird to be reading that.

I was thinking I should return the book as I was looking in the bathroom mirror, running my fingers through my hair. Then, suddenly, sparkles floated down all around me.

Pink and glittery, a mist of sparkly haze falling gently all around me.

It felt way off.

I got the heck out of the bathroom and went into my room. What was that?? I was puzzled. In my 16 years in the new age, I’d seen nothing like it. I got spooked, and I returned the book.

I don’t know how I knew, but I knew that was NOT RIGHT. Those sparkles, pretty as they were, were NOT from Christ. And if not from Christ, then from who??

Sparkles? Scary?? Yes. Yes, yes, yes yes.

I had seen a few things while in the new age, but never anything like that. And nothing like that creepy feeling.

Was it the evil one? The devil himself?? I don’t know, since he is not omnipresent. But I do believe he exists, and I do believe in demons too.

The Bible mentions him and his servants in 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, part of which states he “masquerades as an angel of light.” Which makes sense “Most people are not drawn to darkness, but to light. Therefore, Satan appears as a creature of light to draw us to himself and his lies,” (quote from GotQuestions). Maybe not literally light as in glitter, but definitely trying to make something seem light and loving.

That was the last time I experienced anything like that. I haven’t seen or experienced anything creepy like that again. And no, I haven’t bought any more of her old books* or anything new age again!!!

Have you had anything like this happen to you before?

Thank you for reading and God bless!

Yari, the ✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿

*I’m SO HAPPY to say that Doreen Virtue hasn’t been part of the new age for years, and she has given her life to Christ. Now she speaks on YouTube about deception, the Bible, and Jesus. And she recommends that you DO NOT purchase her old new age books or cards, and that you throw away any of her old new age items if you have any.


  1. Your sparkles story sounds fascinating, and no, I haven’t heard anything like that before either!
    It’s odd but Amazon classified my new book as New Age but I am anything but New Age. I am looking for a new outlet to self publish on because I don’t like Amazon anymore (couple reasons I just wrote about this morning on my Being Wholly Vibrant blog.
    I do still believe in fairies, as a follower of Jesus, but that’s because Omniscience God made Everything. Our job is to be discerning of what helps us. And we often learn as much from the dark/dirt/lower vibrations as we do the Light. I do not consider myself a lightworker but an observer, perceiver, and feeler.
    I love the little note you wrote at the end about Doreen. I haven’t read any of her books though I think my mom gave me one on Angels and I was just going to read it. I will let you know if I see any sparkles. Blessings!

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    • Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts 🥰 God certainly made everything, and I personally look to the Bible as much as possible to learn how to navigate this world.

      Oh, as an aside, I self-published quite a bit on a website called Smashwords. They automatically share your ebook with a ton of retailers, like Barnes and Noble (Nook), Apple Books, Scribd, Kobo, Overdrive, and I think even Goodreads. I know my books spread like wildfire and I was surprised. Now, it has been a few years since I published on Smashwords, so a few things might be different, but I believe they still distribute pretty widely.

      I think I just found your blog, so I’m going to check it out 🙂

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  2. Powerful post, Yari. It seems that God was allowing this santanic attack into your life to get you off the vestiges of your former new age ways. It certainly proved effective.

    Over the years, I occasionally experience satanic attacks while I sleep, as they manifest themselves in my dreams and right after I wake up. Other longtime Christians tell me the same thing.

    Satan is certainly prowling for anyone he can devour (1 Peter 5:8), and sometimes God allows him to affect us to some measure. Ultimately, though, God protects us from his attacks.

    Keep growing, Yari, and keep sharing!

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    • Yes, it definitely felt like what you mentioned in your first paragraph. It was like a little fish hook ~ was I going to take the bait and go back to the new age? I’m glad I chose not to!!

      And it’s interesting to hear a mature Christian also experiencing these types of things! I assumed it was because I was a new Christian. Wow, he never does give up, huh? Very interesting.

      Thank you for your comment/support 😊 Glad to know at least one person (so far) doesn’t think I’m crazy!

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  3. Yari, I’m glad you left New Age for salvation in Jesus Christ. I’m a skeptic when it comes to supernatural phenomena, BUT Satan is powerful and the Bible speaks of demonic miracles. I learned of Doreen Virtue (real last name Hanna) in 2019 after she alleged to have accepted Christ and appeared on a podcast produced by a young Christian woman – Lauren – who used to blog here at WordPress. On the podcast, Doreen claimed Jesus had visited her. I wrote Lauren and warned her that Doreen seemed to be mixing New Age and Christianity. In 2020, Doreen recanted and said the Jesus vision happened before she was genuinely saved and that she now believed the vision was demonic. I would be very cautious regarding anything she says.

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    • Thank you! I’m really glad I left too ~ which is an understatement 😅 Yes, Doreen had a rocky start. I remember her reading her Jesus cards (she made Jesus oracle cards) at the beginning of her journey. I disconnected from her then and didn’t seek out her work much (except for the story just mentioned). A lot of ex-new agers seem to say that Jesus himself came to save them (literally showed up and saved them), such as Steven Bancarz, so I’m not surprised. I’m glad she recanted. To be honest, it can be quite jarring and confusing going from being in the new age for years to giving your entire life to Christ. And I fully believe ex-new agers shouldn’t try to teach about Christ immediately like she did (and I did, too!! briefly). There’s a lot to unlearn and get used to with such a big change.

      Thanks for your thoughts and your advice! 🙂

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