A Cool Feeding Pacifier for Babies

Today I’d like to share with you a cool little pacifier that I’ve been using with my Big Boy 🥰 BB loooooves cuties oranges, and he can safely enjoy them with this feeder pacifier:

It is perforated and pops open. The parts can be taken apart for washing and sanitizing.

I’ve seen reviews of women who add frozen breastmilk or other foods into the pacifier, so you can get creative. I asked my pediatrician about these, and she gave us the green light (always watching BB while he eats to make sure he is safe). Ask your pediatrician too!

Look at those little hands 😍

BB is not one of those babies who loves to eat all kinds of foods, so whenever he likes something, I give it to him as much as I can. Getting those calories and nutrition in! I’m trying to gently encourage him to try more foods and have snacks throughout the day, so if you have any tips, please let me know!

Oh, and I bought it on Amazon, here is a non-affiliate link. I don’t make any money off of that, I’m just sharing!

Take care and God bless our little ones!!

Yari, the ✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


  1. What an amazing invention! I certainly wish I’d had this when my daughter was a baby. Her pacifier and food were her favorite things and I always felt terrible when I had to tell her she couldn’t have something.

    My son was and still is a lot like your little boy. Getting him to try something at 8 is just as hard as it was at 8 months, but I’m banking on him becoming a growing teenager. I just stuck with feeding him as much of the things he liked as I could and finding fortified foods. Good luck!

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    • My sister said the same thing LoL 😊 These are sooo convenient! I love ’em!

      And we just came from his 12 month checkup and he’s going to change to mostly solids, so that’s going to be an adventure…

      Thanks, and good luck with your 8 year old too! 😊 A lot of times teen boys eat everything in the fridge (from what my mother in law tells me) so you might have the *opposite* issue soon! 😅

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