5 Healthy Things I Do

1. For My Body

For my body, I try to eat well ~ Lots of water throughout the day, fruits, vegetables, and protein. I love eggs with fruits in the morning, and I keep my coffee black. “Try.” Some days I’m exhausted and just eat a sandwich real quick, and that’s okay 😊

I love me a fruity salad!

I also work out while I’m hanging out with my Baby Bear. He’ll go off and play with his own toys, then come back to me and interact, then off again he goes. So when he’s playing, I keep an eye on him and warm up, stretch, do squats, etc.

2. For My Mind

I no longer watch any far left or far right content (algorithms swing one way or the other) and I never watch real crime anymore. I only watch content that is uplifting, educational, or inspirational. I listen to a podcast called Focus on the Family which has been very helpful in my life as a Christian mom and wife.

I also listen to audiobooks, learn Korean, and I speak to my friends and family about how I feel and what I’m doing.

3. For My Spirit

I go to church every Sunday. Some times we don’t make it, if Baby Bear kept us up the night before, for instance. This morning, we just made it to the early service, so that’s good! I also read the Bible on my own time, usually on my Kindle at night.

New Testament

I also read The One Year Bible with my husband every night 🥰

4. For My Family

I keep in touch constantly with my mom, my sister, and my mother in law. We text all the time 😊

I also spend time with my Baby Bear ~ uninterrupted, giving him my full undivided attention. I talk to him and he babbles back. I wake with him, eat with him, play with him, and care for him 🥰 We also do fun activities together as a family ~ as simple as going out to eat or watching some Wheel of Fortune!

I love to watch him play!

5. For My Marriage

After having our first baby, we realized how busy we can get, and how exhausted we can be at the end of the day. But no matter what, my husband and I spend at least 15 minutes together every night. This gives us time to unwind, talk about things other than the baby, and reconnect.

It’s too easy to want to go to sleep as soon as the baby is down, especially on the days when Baby Bear wakes up at the crisp hour of 4am… but we try to stick to this 15-minute rule, and it has been great for our relationship 🥰

Those are 5 healthy things I do! Thanks to Devang from FGW blog for the blog idea!

What healthy things do you do?

Take care and God bless,

Yari, the ✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


  1. Thanks for the good suggestions/reminders. You seem like a very well balanced mom.
    I call my daughter “BabyBear,” too! ❤ (She's 30, and I STILL call her that, and she still calls me "MamaBear.")
    You listen to audiobooks? I don't know if you saw the post, but my first audiobook (Christian fiction) is out as of a few weeks ago. I have some free downloads to give to anyone who will listen and write a review. If you're interested, email me at bascha3870@yahoo.com . 🙂

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  2. Ahhh this is sweet!!
    This is an interesting and lovely take to the topic.
    My idea with the topic was to give a blog idea to bloggers and see their style and things different people do to keep themselves healthy.
    I’m satisfied to read it.
    Thanks for reading it.

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  3. I enjoy running, yoga & long walks with my wife, swimming when I can, cycling with friends. Healthy-ish eating, which for me is mostly about moderation. Blogging, journaling, meditation, scripture, music, mindfulness. Limited tv watching, reading for fun, reading for knowledge, therapy, taking a mental health coaching certification course. Meeting with guys who are committed to healthy living. Resting, relaxing are also important. My wife and I enjoy doing just about anything and everything together. We’re empty nesters, so we get a significant amount of time together each day. We’re not always intentional with that time, but that’s our endeavor. We both enjoy texting, calling, and video calls with our adult kids and their spouses. We plan time together with them – including vacations together and other special times. We play lots of games when we are together. We laugh a lot, and enjoy the amazing people our “kids” and their spouses are.

    I started to write these out using the 5 categories but noticed there’s a lot of overlap. It seems that what is healthy for one area of my life is holistically good for me.

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  4. Huh interesting! Personally I love left and right wing voices, because both are different and I enjoy the different perspectives they give me (though I’ll disagree with both almost all of the time).

    I also love true crime because it reminds me how good I have it. 😅

    As for healthy habits, the glue that holds my life together is my diary. Ill write down all my tasks for the day, even the trivial ones like doing laundry or practising typing (I’m a slow touch typist) and then enjoy the feeling of filling in little circles I put next to those tasks. It’s like legal heroin! 🙈

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      • I do actually keep my diaries and I think I remember you do too, because they are time capsules and I don’t just write down chores, I’ll also write down epiphanies or things I’d learnt that day, or tasting notes, or recipes, or difficult emotions. My diaries/calendars don’t take up too much space so I’m happy to keep them. 😄

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