Not Caring… In a Good Way: A Post Before I Move Forward

Lately, I’ve been blogging more honestly. I’ve been moving away from the article-like posts (usually with top 3’s or top 5’s lists) and moving onto a more open way of sharing πŸ₯° Sharing more of my thoughts, my feelings, and my life.

Something I noticed recently is that the people who share super honestly, while they get a lot of support, they also get a lot of nay-sayers. Even the people who blog positively, such as about good mental health, or sharing their intimate stories of struggle, get harsh criticism. This isn’t new. The intense nit-picking and bullying are part of the reason I deleted my old blogs.

And I’m here to say: I don’t care. But, like, in a good way 😏

I’m right at the edge of 40 (yrs old) and one great thing that has come to me with age is knowing who I am. I know I can be corny. I know I can be youthful for my age, wide-eyed, and overly poetic. I know I can be Pollyanna-ish, a very “Jesus girl,” someone who leans towards the positive and creative.

And… I like those things about me 😌 It’s who God has made me to be.

So I’m going to move forward, continuing to share what I find funny, or meaningful, or interesting. Sharing my passion for Jesus, motherhood, and marriage. Sharing tid bits of my past and how it has taught me. Sharing… sharing… well, sharing whatever I want! πŸ₯³

I have an upcoming post about how I recently cried, and for a moment I thought, “Oh, gosh. People are going to find me so syrupy and corny!” Then that thought was followed by a mental shrug. “Oh well, if they think that. That’s totally fine with me. It’s what’s real for me at this time.”

And that’s how I’m moving forward. Unabashedly honest, sharing from the heart, not afraid to come across as silly or emotional or whatever. Just me being honestly me πŸ’–

Thanks for reading and God bless!

Yari, the ✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


  1. Confession and honesty are good for the soul! I am encouraged that you are taking these steps to share who you are without caring, that is beautiful to hear/read. When a person knows their identity in Christ, it makes the stings of man far, far less.

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  2. There’s an element of being relaxed when sharing from the heart, Yari, especially when you do this with fellow members of the family of God. β€œMost” will see it for what it is, you trying to be real, which brings with it a sense of freedom. There is a delicate balance associated with uncloaked sharing from the heart, but in the end, the real you will come through and β€œmost” will warm up to that. Personally, I find this sharing from the heart one of the most gratifying and humbling aspects of blogging with fellow Christians. Be yourself Yari. We’re all learning together. Blessings!

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  3. Sounds fantastic! Too many people focus so much on putting up false fronts just to look a certain way that they end up losing a key part of what makes them wonderful and unique. I love it when bloggers aren’t afraid to let readers in and show their true selves, so I look forward to everything you have to share!

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    • Thanks so much for the encouragement 😊 On an older blog I used to have, I ended up writing trying to please everyone, and eventually it felt very fake. More like I was writing articles, not blogging πŸ˜“ So I’m moving away from that now 😊✨ So glad you’re here to see my journey! I’m enjoying your blog too, even though it’s making my TBR list super long 😁


  4. Good post, Yari! Bloggers eventually come to the choice of either writing posts that come from the heart and/or as the Lord leads or writing posts that play up to (conform to) the blogging community.

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  5. This hit home for me. I recently started a job at a very trendy, hipster kind of company and everyone is in their twenties, meaning I’m 5-10 years older than the rest of them. The type of people that the business attracts to their workforce tend to be introverts with otaku sensibilities. And I’m at the opposite spectrum of all that!

    I’m very happy and content and extroverted and I had the feeling that I was spreading toxic positivity, that I came off as Pollyanna-ish, as you put it. At the same time, I cannot be someone else. So what is one to do? For now, I’ve decided to let the real me out of its cage from time to time, but because it’s work, I try and just observe as much as I can without saying anything at all.

    But generally speaking, I do think we should be just ourselves… And let other people live with that.

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