Ever Since I Decided to Pursue Photography…

Ever since I decided to pursue my hobby of photography, I’ve had to try real hard not to take photos of everything 😁 And that’s because once I get “photo-minded,” every little thing in my life looks beautiful and worthy of a photo.

The messy floor seen from my point of view as I happen to glance down.  The clothes in the closet from my baby’s point of view on the floor.  The angles and degrees where the wall meets the ceiling (those seem so fun to me!).  Those funky starry tiles on my kitchen island… I mean, everything becomes in-focus, and everything becomes charming in its own way, no matter how small, or (seemingly) insignificant, or untidy, or ordinary.

Where the walls meet the ceiling.
If you adjust your eyes, the angle can point in or out.

And since we’re in the coldest part of a Colorado winter (with weather sometimes in the negatives and unsafe road conditions), usually these things I photograph are parts of my house: things I see every. single. day.  Things that are not necessarily spectacular.  Things that might even seem strange to some (“Uh… why is she taking a photo of her lamp shade again…?” LoL).

But it’s convenient and it’s fun and, to me, it’s beautiful 🥰

For instance, I love how just turning on the light changes the look and feel of this simple lamp.
Taken only a second apart.
Here is one I took around 2014.
I happened to glance down and saw this dewy flower on the sidewalk.

Do you like taking photos?
What do you take pictures of?

Take care and God bless,

Yari, the ✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


  1. Well this is interesting for sure!!
    You are a great photographer.
    It’s good that you are enjoying it

    About your qs, then I do like take pics of little things
    Like if I like the sky, I take a pic.
    Today I wanted to take a pic of monkey 🐒 family but I couldn’t

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  2. I am taking more and more photos than I used to. It is difficult for me to remember things from my past. Photos help create a history for me. Where was I? What was I doing? I wish I had started sooner but the technology just wasn’t there.

    You will be happy that you do this, particularly with your children and family. When they grow up, they will thank you.


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    • It can be hard to remember for different reasons. For us, it was the lack of sleep during the newborn time. I made sure to take photos and also write down things that were happening, and I’m so glad I did! It’s wonderful that you’re capturing moments too 😊 Yes, it wasn’t as easy to do a few years back as it is now. It used to be that you took photos, then had to wait for them to develop to see how they turned out! Yikes 😁


  3. I can feel your passion for photography in your photos and words! 🥰 It’s nice to know you’re having fun and capturing the beauty in every moment- I think that’s special. 🥹❤️
    Also, oh, my goodness- hello! I just discovered your blog through Devang’s post and.. it’s so incredibly beautiful!! 🌸 I love your style, it’s inspiring because I’m into similar style. I love discovering people who like it, too. ☺️

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  4. The “eye”, focus. light, stills and action. who would have thought there is much of a learning curve. It’s a bit like going over the last rolling hill and the mountains come into view, inviting one to the grueling but fun process to the peak for spectacular shots of the rolling hills you already shot.

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