Why I Became a Witch/New Ager in my 20’s

I think this post is going to be most helpful to Christian parents, guardians, and youth church leaders, or anyone who has a child or knows a young person who is looking to witchcraft and the new age for answers. Because oftentimes, Christians end up puzzled as to why anyone would want to become a witch or join the new age. Here, I provide some insight.

And the reasons why might surprise you!

Quick definitions: witch = someone who does witchcraft. Paganism = non-Christian earth-based religion. New age = diverse mix of occult practices.

Full Ignorance of Jesus

I was not raised in the church. Sure, I was dropped off at the local Catholic church as a kid, but I don’t remember much of that. I was about 6 years old at the time, and the giant Catholic church and priest scared me. And sure, I had visited my uncle’s Pentecostal church in my early teens… and it scared the crap out of me when people started babbling, throwing themselves on the ground, and grabbing at me!!! I wanted nothing to do with any of that!! And so… I never learned about Jesus.

Simply put, nobody ever truly taught me who Jesus was. I was expected to sort of absorb it on my own as a child. Everyone assumed I was learning who Jesus was, when I was NOT. And so, I went with the “coolest” religion I could find (the new age in the late 90’s) because I had nothing telling me I shouldn’t. I really didn’t know anything else.

Hatred of Men

The men in my life were quite hurtful to me, from family members to the jerks at school sexually harassing me. I was just tired of men at that time. They were pigs, and they were awful, and I hated them.

I hated men, so why would I worship one? (That was my thinking.)

And here comes paganism, teaching me to worship a goddess (a god was optional, and not very popular). I was surrounded by women. I was praised for being a woman. It really did feel very safe, like I was joining one big sisterhood.

The Books Promised Perfect Love

Perfect love, and perfect trust. Those were the words I was taught. Go to the new age section of your local bookstore and flip through a few new age books. Would it surprise you to know that the word you will see most often is LOVE?

That’s all I really wanted: I wanted to live a life full of love.

I. wanted. love. To have love. To love and be loved. And that’s what the books promised me. And I believed them.

I Wanted Freedom

After being under the control of an overbearing stepfather all of my life, I wanted to be free. To make my own choices. To think for myself and form my own opinions. I wanted freedom!!!

I wanted to live like The Wiccan Rede, which says “an’ ye harm none, do what ye will.” It means I could do whatever I wanted, as long as it hurt no one else. I could do whatever I wanted!! I was all in.

I Also Wanted Power and Control.

During my time in the new age, I learned about witchcraft. I learned how to cast spells, how to “call” what I wanted to me, how to use the law of attraction. I learned divination with both Tarot and oracle cards. I learned a lot of things ~ All of those things with one aim: to have control of my life. To have POWER.

Empowerment after a life of being pushed around and bullied sounded amazing. Think about it: Downtrodden and stepped on for YEARS. Who wouldn’t want power and control after that??

I Liked the Look, the Money, the Fame

Lastly, I’m not going to lie. A big part of me liked the “look,” the style, and the money and fame. (Internet fame, that is.) I had a growing following of people, people who looked to me to learn about spirituality, like I was some kind of guru.

I was in my 20’s. I was a lonely girl, still immature and… kind of broke, too. So, I liked that I got to dress “witchy” and speak to thousands on YouTube about paganism. I liked that people looked at me like I was someone important. I liked feeling cool, and famous, and making tons of money doing Tarot readings. After a lifetime of being unpopular in school and bullied, being in the new age made me feel seen.

When it comes down to it, I didn’t go into witchcraft and the new age for anything sinister.

I wanted pretty common things we all want: love, control over our lives, empowerment, and to feel seen.

Those are the reasons why. They’re not nefarious or evil. And the main reason why I went for the new age comes back to not knowing anything at all about Jesus. I mean, I’d heard about Him, sort of. Somewhere in my mind I thought maybe He was this peaceful hippie guy and that was that. Just another holy guy or whatever (that was my thinking).

I didn’t know the real Jesus.

I didn’t know that He was, and is, so much more than just a man.

I didn’t know He could empower me to speak up and respect myself and seek help when sexually harassed. I didn’t know that He is the one with all the power and control, and that I could trust Him for what I needed and wanted. I didn’t know that He could bring me all the love I ever dreamed of. I didn’t know that, by following Him, I wouldn’t even care about looks, money, or fame.

But now I know 😊

Quick Tips to Avoid This:

  1. Teach your children/loved ones about Jesus. Don’t assume that they know just because they’re dropped off at Sunday school. Do not be a silent Christian.
  2. It’s much too easy for women, especially young women, to be too embarrassed to speak up when being sexually harassed. It’s an awful experience full of shame and confusion. Check in with the young women in your life ~ open up and let them know they can tell you anything, and you won’t get mad at them or blame them. Let them know you are here to help, and that with you they are safe.
  3. Become familiar with new age books and their promises. Read them with discernment and stay in-the-know. They promise a lot of alluring stuff. They’re also not dark occult looking tomes. They are often pink and glittery and very pretty.
  4. It’s important to give the people in your life room to form their own opinions and to think for themselves. Yes, it’s even important to let them question Christianity, which is a healthy part of seeking Jesus. Read some apologetic books to help your loved ones through times of doubt. Even my pastor questioned his faith at one point, so don’t be discouraged when your loved ones do.

My Redeemer

I was in the new age and called myself a witch for sixteen years. And even though I did nothing to deserve it, Jesus came into my life in 2018 and saved me. Everything I had ever lost, He graciously gave back to me and more. He is my Redeemer 💖

Questions? Please ask them in the comments. I was very involved in the new age, and I would be happy to use my knowledge/experience to answer any questions you may have. God uses all things for good (Romans 8:28), and that time I was in the new age wasn’t wasted if I can use it for some good now. So, ask away 😊

Take care and God bless!

Yari, the ✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


    • Me too. I know that following Jesus is a choice that everyone must make (you can’t MAKE your children do it), but how sad it was that I *almost* didn’t follow Jesus… based on ignorance and wrong information! Also based on bad experiences that really had nothing to do with God. And thanks for reading, my friend 😊

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      • So many people (Christians included) under estimate the power of the occult, new age, witchcraft/wiccans. For the believer definitely 100% greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world; however, Christians are not to give the enemy a foothold. I am thankful that you are sharing this, because this is no joke. Blessings to you!!!

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  1. Excellent points here, thank you for sharing such important testimony. Witchcraft takes on so many cultural forms, voodo, santeria, espiritismo, obeh, etc. My husband and I have experienced witchcraft come against us, w/o the Lord it would be frightening.
    As you described, the allurements are many, esp the drive for control and dominance. That’s what man wanted, to be their own god.
    Press on dear sister! I pray that many read your post and take serious heed.

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  2. This is so interesting since I don’t know much about it. It’s great that you shared this and I can see it glorifying God by helping others who are involved. And educating Christians that don’t know much about it. ❤

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  3. Satan truly does appear as an angel of light, doesn’t he? We were just explaining this concept to Aaron the other day. What you wrote is so insightful and eye-opening. I don’t know much about the world of witches and paganism. The fact that it’s so alluring to those who are hurting is exactly what Satan would do. Your redemption story is so encouraging to many, I’m sure, as are your words of instruction to parents. Blessings!!

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    • I’m so glad you found this insightful! And also glad to hear that you speak to Aaron about this. It’s so important to talk to our children about Jesus, but also about the enemy. Yes, it is VERY alluring to people who are hurting and desperately want love, and control, and protection (another thing the new age promises that I forgot to mention, protection). Thank you so much for reading and may God bless 😊❤️

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  4. This was a super insightful read, so thanks so much for sharing it!!! 💗 My older sister is Pagan, so I’m familiar with some of the beliefs. I’ve learned about it out of curiosity, but ultimately, I feel a strong connection with Christ/the Holy Spirit that made me realize it probably isn’t for me. 🤗

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    • There are so many kind and wonderful people in the new age and paganism, and most have really great intentions. But of course I pray that someday they can experience the love and joy and salvation that Jesus Christ offers ❤️ It makes me happy to hear you feel a connection to Christ! That’s really wonderful 😊

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