About Me

It’s Nice to Meet You!

My name is Yari or Jari. Both are correct. The first is the English pronunciation, the second is the Spanish. Everyone says my name a little different, and I love that 🥰

I’m a late bloomer🌼I came to Christ in my 30’s. I found my voice and my hobbies and values in my 30’s. Graduated college in my 30’s, too. I had my first child nearly at 40, and I plan to grow my family beyond! I’m a walking, talking example that God is a Redeemer and that it is never too late!

To be honest, I planned to blog anonymously, due to a few bad experiences in the past. I even deleted 2 successful blogs because of this. But I won’t be bullied offline again! I can’t help who sees my blog, or how people act or if they troll, but I can choose to stand up for myself and be brave. I deserve to be here, just like anyone else 😊

So I am thrilled to be back, blogging in a more open and honest way 💗 I hope that together we can share positive, funny, honest moments and become good friends!

Take care and God bless,

Yari, the ✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿